Follow the next commands in terminal to install HBlink and HBmonitor on raspbian buster or Linux Mint:

apt update

apt upgrade

apt dist-upgrade

apt autoremove

apt autoclean

install hblink

apt install git

apt install python3-distutils

cd /opt/



apt install python3-twisted

apt install python3-bitarray

apt install python3-dev

git clone

mv /opt/HBlink3/ /opt/backup/

mv /opt/backup/HBlink3/ /opt/

mv /opt/backup/HBmonitor/ /opt/

mv /opt/backup/dmr_utils3/ /opt/

rm -r /opt/backup/

cd /opt/dmr_utils3

chmod +x


/usr/bin/python3 -m pip install –upgrade pip

pip install –upgrade dmr_utils3

cd /opt/HBlink3

cp hblink-SAMPLE.cfg hblink.cfg


Autostart HBLink:

nano /lib/systemd/system/hblink.service

#Copy and paste the next:


Description=Start HBlink


ExecStart=/usr/bin/python3 /opt/HBlink3/


systemctl daemon-reload

systemctl enable hblink

Install Parrot for Echotest:

chmod +x

#Create directory for registration files, if /var/log/hblink is not created.

mkdir /var/log/hblink

#To start Parrot service must use file /lib/systemd/system/parrot.service 

nano /lib/systemd/system/parrot.service

#Copy and paste the next:


Description=HB bridge all Service





ExecStart=/usr/bin/python3 /opt/HBlink3/ -c /opt/HBlink3/playback.cfg



#Start Parrot service:

systemctl enable parrot.service

systemctl start parrot.service

systemctl status parrot.service

#To create your own configuration edit next two files or leave them as is, just to see is it all work as it is expected. After check, you can edit this files and add peers and bridges as you want. Advice – do not create bridges between peers. Create bridges only between peers and local masters, where are connected your repeaters or spots. Create bridges between peers can make a lot of headace, except if admins of servers where are connected your peers, are agree with this!

nano /opt/HBlink3/hblink.cfg

nano /opt/HBlink3/

#Test configuration:

python3 /opt/HBlink3/

#If it’s ok exit with “ctrl-c” and start service

systemctl start hblink

systemctl status hblink

Install web monitor for HBLink.

cd /opt/HBmonitor

chmod +x



nano /opt/HBmonitor/

#Start monitor as system service:

cp utils/hbmon.service /lib/systemd/system/

systemctl enable hbmon

systemctl start hbmon

systemctl status hbmon

pip3 install pyOpenSSL --upgrade

Forward TCP ports 8080 and 9000 in router firewall

My HBlink servers: and